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Sokoterme - unutrašnji termalni bazen



The chemical and mineral components of water are absorbed by the human body during bathing and thus have a beneficial effect on the body.

Indications for balneo therapy:

Through the skin of the body, thermal mineral water acts on the body, because the minerals that reach the body in this way are distributed in the body where they are most needed. It relieves us of stress, relieves pain, improves circulation.

After using the balneo therapy, you go home refreshed. What to pay attention to when you are back in your environment. The thermal baths are also used in winter, so it is very important to pay attention not to expose your body to the cold, drafts, air conditioners, because you have warmed up the muscles and connective system, so there may be negative reactions such as stiffness of the joints and spine. Also, you should not expose yourself to great physical activity immediately after balneo therapy. How many days have you spent enjoying the thermal water, so many days after coming home you have to take care of your body for the effect to be good. At home, the mandatory introduction of fluids into the body continues every day, as well as in spas, in order to facilitate kidney function and prevent it from collapsing. Pay attention to your diet: control your intake of fatty foods and sugar.

After using thermal mineral water for bathing, you raise your body temperature, so it is easier for your body to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. Improved blood flow contributes to better cleansing of toxins and better blood circulation in the body. This means that after using thermal mineral waters, you have strengthened your immunity and prepared for normal functioning.

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